Manabloc Plumbing System

The Homerun Method
The premier choice for a plumbing
installation is the revolutionary Viega
ManaBloc system, a homerun method
for water distribution. The homerun
method offers fast hot water delivery
and water efficiency with individual
distribution lines to each fixture
in a system, providing consistent
temperatures and pressures than
any other method.
• Fewer fittings behind the wall
minimizes potential leak points
• Centralized plumbing control for
easy maintenance
• Fast hot water delivery that
reduces water waste and increases
energy savings
• Operate multiple fixtures at once
with no dramatic temperature or
pressure loss
Viega ManaBloc is unique in the
market, with few competitors offering
comparable systems, none of whom
can match Viega’s quality. You can
choose either ½” or ⅜” ViegaPEX
tubing to provide the highest
efficiency and fastest hot
water delivery.
Source: Manufacturer